Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Niger Delta Avengers claim responsibility for attack on Eni pipeline

The Niger Delta Avengers on Friday said it
had blown up another oil pipeline operated by
a subsidiary of Italian oil major Eni in Bayelsa.
“At about 3:00 am (0200 GMT) to 5:00 am,
the Niger Delta Avengers blew up Nembe 1, 2
and 3 trunkline in Bayelsa/Rivers states,”
spokesman Mudoch Agbinibo said in a
Desmond Agu, the spokesman of the Nigerian
Civil Defence and Security Corps (NCDSC),
had earlier confirmed the attack on the
Tebidaba-Brass pipeline.
“Reports from the swamp area indicate that…
a gang of heavily armed youths with two
double 200-horsepower speedboats used
explosives to blast three different points.”
The pipeline in Bayelsa state, owned by the
Nigerian Agip Oil Company, a local subsidiary
of Italian oil major Eni, has been repeatedly
On Monday, an oil well-head operated by
Chevron was attacked in Delta state.
An investigation has been launched to
determine the extent of the damage in the
latest incident, said Agu.
The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) has claimed
responsibility for a string of bombings of
Nigeria‘s key oil and gas facilities since
The attacks have cut the nation’s oil
production at a time the west African country
is struggling with low global crude prices
which have hammered government
The Avengers want oil majors to leave the
Niger delta, blaming them for worsening the
region’s poverty and under-development.
The group, which seeks a fairer share of
Nigeria‘s oil wealth for residents of the
region, also wants self-determination for the
delta states and political autonomy.
Another militant group, the Joint Niger Delta
Liberation Force (JNDLF), has also warned of
attacks in the delta.
The Nigerian government has called for
dialogue to end the violence but the Avengers
have dismissed reports of a truce as

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