Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why I named dog after Buhari – Iroko

A man who named his dog after Nigerian
President Muhammadu Buhari defended his
decision on Monday, saying he has nothing
but admiration and respect for the leader.
Joachim Iroko Chinakwe, a textile trader, was
arrested by police last month and charged
with an act likely to cause breach of peace
after naming his dog Buhari.
But speaking at the magistrate court in the
town of Ota in the southwestern state of
Ogun, Chinakwe said he only has love for the
“President Buhari is a man after my heart. I
have great love and admiration for him
because of his honesty, discipline and
integrity,” Chinakwe told AFP before court
proceedings started.
“I also salute his courage and resilience.
Here is a man who ran for the presidency
three times and failed. But he did not give up.
He ran again for the fourth time and to God
be the glory, won,” the 40-year-old added.
Chinakwe also revealed the dog wasn’t the
only family member who shared a name with
the head of state.
In September, he named his newborn girl
“Aisha”, after the president’s wife.
“This is to further demonstrate my love for
the Buhari family,” said Chinakwe.
Chinakwe’s lawyer Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa
said the case was an abuse of power and
should be dismissed.
Adegboruwa, a Lagos-based human rights
lawyer, is known for his acrimonious
relationship with the government and was
this year arrested by Nigeria’s anti-graft
“There is no law that says a man cannot give
any name to his dog,” he told AFP.
Police maintain the dog case has nothing to
do with the president, alleging that Chinakwe
inscribed the name on the sides of his dog
and paraded the pet in the streets to
antagonise a neighbour whose father’s name
is Buhari.
The matter has been adjourned until
November 21.

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