Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Arab man divorced wife after he saw hernatural face

– A groom divorced his bride after he saw her face without cosmetics for the first time– He accused her of deceiving him by wearing a lot of make-up, fake eyelashes and coloured contacts– The woman contacted psychologist to help her overcome a sudden divorceThe 34-year-old man took his 24-year-old bride wife to beach in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates, where their union fell apart.According to local media, as soon as the woman went swimming in the sea her face got wet and her makeup dripped scaring off her impressionable husband. The man flew into rage after seeing her ‘features change’ and immediately divorced her.The dissapointed man accused his lover of concealing truth about her artificial appearance and tricking him into marriage.He discovered that she was not only wearing too much make-up but also had false eyelashes, coloured contact and underwent a series of cosmetic surgeries. Stricken with grief the woman turned to a psychologist but with no success as her hubby refused any attempt to reunite.Dr Abdul Aziz Asaf told that the woman planned to tell her husband the truth butcouldn’t find the right moment.The couple’s engagement reportdly lasted for half a year.

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