Monday, October 31, 2016

Buhari breaks promise! 200,000 graduates still unemployed See What he said.

sidency and current youth employment
situation in the country.
The columnist and blogger recalled that
earlier this month Vice President Yemi
Osinbajo assured Nigerians of the effective
commencement of a number of the social
investment programmes, including the
selection of the 200,000 unemployed
graduates to get jobs.

He wrote: “October will end today in a few
hours in Nigeria. Have the 200,000 jobs been
created? If yes, where are they? If no, why
haven’t they been created? You see, as I’ve
always said, lies and propaganda have a
short life span. Truth doesn’t.
This government perpetually operates in the
future tense: “we will,” “we will,” “we will,”
and more “we will.” You hardly read of “we
have” because “we have” requires concrete
evidence, and concrete evidence is the mortal
enemy of propaganda.”
He then added: “Adam Ahmed Yahya said I
can share his story. He is one of the 1370
people who lost their jobs in Onne Port,
Rivers state, this October, the very month
Osinbajo said government would create
200,000 jobs. They have 3 batches of
retrenchment. October is over. It’s now
November, December sack is coming too.”

One more message Mr Kperogi got from his
subscribers reads: “We lost 1370 jobs in
Onne port Rivers state alone in October. I am
1 of them. Intels Nigeria group of companies.
For ur info.” That’s a private message I just
received in my inbox. That broke my heart.”

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