Monday, November 7, 2016

See Why We Snatch People’s Husbands – Nollywood Actress Reveals

Of recent, Nollywood has almost become an industry where actresses get married to men who are already married or separated from their wives, but not legally divorced. According toGistmania, a Yoruba actress has revealed the reason why actresses have suddenly taken interest on married men.
The actress, Bose Arowosegbe(the lady on white pictured above), also picked a married man as a husband. According to her, they engage in such because single men in Nigeria are not matured enough to handle actresses. She explained that most single guys think they are harlots, unlike the married men.
In her words:
 “I am married to a married man too. I have not told anyone this before. Other journalists I have met were fed the story that my husband is abroad when he has always been in the country.
“Most single men out there are not matured enough to handle the fact that actresses are normal women. They believe we are harlots to be used and dumped. I believe they are too immature to handle the life around us. They are easily affected by things they read and hear about us, and also things they see on screen about us.
“But married men are matured to handle all this. They listen to us instead of listening to gist about us. They seem to understand women better. Besides, they are more caring, gentler and wiser.”

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