Sunday, November 13, 2016

What happens if Donald Trump is assassinated?

From the moment he declared he wanted to be President of the United States of America, Donald Trump must have known that he was about to start a reality show that would change the course of history

A businessman Trump who had nothing to do with politics previously, won a very experienced Secretary Hillary Clinton, to become the next President of America.

 The day Donald Trump became President Elect, he became the prime target of so many attacks, within and even outside the United states of America, and there are fears that some will stop at nothing till they have seen to it that this controversial businessman does not lead the US. 

A brief history of threats Barely 4-days ago, Donald Trump was surrounded by security agents and hustled off a Reno, Nev., stage, while people in the crowd before him called out, “He’s got a gun.”
The then Republican nominee who now is President elect, disappeared behind the backdrop of the Nevada rally while law enforcement agents swarmed the area directly before the podium. 

 A man was led from the rally by a phalanx of armed agents, however, the US Secret Service said in a statement there was no weapon involved in the incident, that after a search of the person who was earlier suspected to be an attacker. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter It is reported that Trump retook the stage a short while later and finished his address. He later boarded his plane en route to his final campaign stop in Colorado. Shortly after the incident, the Trump campaign released the following statement: “I would like to thank the United States Secret Service and the law enforcement resources in Reno and the state of Nevada for their fast and professional response. I also want to thank the many thousands of people present for their unwavering and unbelievable support. Nothing will stop us — we will make America great again!” The incident was reminiscent of a glitch experienced earlier in Trump’s campaign. In a hangar outside Dayton, Ohio, in March, U.S. Secret Service agents rushed the stage and surrounded Trump in a protective ring after what the campaign described as an attempt “to breach the secure buffer.” As with the other disruption, Trump continued his speech after a short break. Along the campaign, Eric Trump’s wife opened a letter containing a white powder substance at their Trump Parc East apartment. According to CBS News, the exact content of the letter has not been revealed at this point, however, it is known that it was a direct threat to the Trump family. 

 Both the FBI and Secret Service were called to the home after the letter was opened, on-site testing was done and the powder at this time is believed to not be harmful. Regardless, one can only imagine how scared the family was when the powder fell out of the envelope. The powder threat came on the same day the Trump family’s information was released by Anonymous, hence, many are of the opinion that coincidence are becoming really suspicious. 

Loss of Democratic culture The landmark victory of Donald Trump in the just concluded polls, has prompted waves of protests across California college campuses as irate mobs disowned the audacious billionaire by chanting he’s “not my president.” There are clear indications that while Donald Trump might have been elected president of the US, there are so many who do not believe in his capabilities to serve the American people. Thousands of protesters rallied across the United States on Wednesday, November 9, expressing shock and anger over Donald Trump’s election, vowing to oppose divisive views they say helped the Republican billionaire win the presidency. There was a gathering of several thousands in Washington, just in front of the White House for a candlelight vigil on a damp, chilly evening, criticizing what they called Trump’s racism, sexism and xenophobia, and carrying signs reading “We have a voice!” and For some the campaign was marred by racism and misogyny, with a lot of terrible tactics that saw Trump swaying the electoral college. Those who are of the opinion have sworn to ensure that a Trump-led presidency would not “hinder the progress of the country”. “Not my president” is the chant that now rents the air, a course which many are giving their all to. Other chants like “Love Trumps Hate” and “Trump grabbed America by the pussy” have become known slogans Boston, Philadelphia and some other cities.
These are not the best times in the history of America’s democracy, many are deeply pained, claiming that history has been inverted and the true democratic culture is lost. As many take to the streets, blocking roads and burning flags, one cannot but fear that the situation will degenerate into a total break down of law and order.

The push for Hillary Clinton 
While it is still a mystery that Donald Trump beat Secretary Clinton in the race to the white house, there are still many pushing to see that the tables turn before Trump is sworn-in as president of the United states. The die-hard Democrats who are still hoping that they won’t have to endure a Trump presidency, are looking at one last ploy – which is a miraculous upset in the decisions of the Electoral College. It is recalled that though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 200,000, and Trump won the minimum of 270 electoral votes necessary to be elected president. Still, the American constitution leaves room for a change of heart for electors of the Electoral College who are scheduled to meet when on Monday, December 19 in their respective state capitals. Hence, there is technically nothing stopping any of the electors from voting their conscience and refusing to support the candidate to whom they were bound, or from abstaining from voting altogether. This process is called the “faithless elector.” The idea of electors reversing their vote is rarely discussed — and was most recently bandied about after the incredibly close 2000 election in which George Bush narrowly beat Al Gore. And electors going “faithless” is exceedingly rare. According to analysis by The New York Times, well over 99 percent of electors throughout American history have voted as pledged. The last faithless elector was witnessed back in 2004, when a lone anonymous voter in Minnesota declined to vote for Democrat John Kerry and instead voted for Kerry’s running mate, John Edwards.  The r vote was purely ceremonial, as Bush already had 286 electoral votes, more than enough to ensure his reelection. According to The New York Post, faithless electors are technically barred in only 29 states from ignoring the will of the voters, though the penalties are light. And a faithless elector has never swung an election. But given the high dissatisfaction with Trump among Republicans, a few faithless GOP electors could well go rogue next month. For Clinton, it would be a very great task, as she would need more than 20 GOP electors to go rogue and vote instead for her Even then, the new, Republican-controlled Congress meets Jan. 6 to approve the electoral college vote, and would certainly vote to void any roguery, handing the victory firmly back to Trump. 

When all attempts fail 
If all legal attempts to stop Trump from occupying the White House fails, then there are fears that the peoples anger will degenerate to grave hate, one that could lead some into attempting murder.

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