Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Here’s Melania Trump’s 4 Top Marriage Secrets

Here’s Melania Trump’s 4
Top Marriage Secrets

How have Donald and Melania
Trump kept their marriage strong
and lasting for these 12 years?
Here’s what Melania has said about
building a strong relationship:

1. Accept your husband for who he
Melania recognizes that both she
and Donald are independent people.
She told Parenting that, in marriage,
it’s important not to expect the
other person to be like you; you
should expect them to be
themselves. “You accept the person.”
Melania says many people try to
change their spouse after they get
married, but it’s important to
understand the other person and
choose to be married to that person
and not try to change them into who
you want them to become. “If you
need to change someone it will
never work. You will try your whole
life and never succeed.”

2. Pick quality time over quantity
Melania believes you shouldn’t need
to be with your spouse every minute
of every day. The important time a
husband and wife spend together
should be “quality time instead of
She told Entertainment Tonight,
“[Donald and I] love to go to the
movies. We love to just have a
dinner, the two of us with friends…
We love to go to Mira-a-Lago, spend
time [with] the three of us: Barron,
Donald, and me together; playing
sport; and just spending time
together, no matter where [we] are
just having a great time.”

3. Know your role
Melania also attributes
her relationship’s success to both
parties recognizing their individual
responsibilities within the
relationship. “We know what our
roles are and we are happy with
them,” she said. For her, this means
that she does most of the caretaking
for her son, “Little Donald.” Melania
doesn’t employ a nanny because she
wants to take her role as a mother
herself. This way Donald can “work
very hard from early in the morning
till late in the evening.” It makes
her happy to support his passion for

4. Have separate bathrooms
But above all, what’s Melania’s
secret to a happy marriage? Well, as
reported by the Washington Post,
Melania said, “We have our own
bathrooms, so that’s the key.”

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