Friday, December 16, 2016

What Gambia’s President told Buhari

What Gambia’s President told

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Author: Nwankwo Timothy
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President Buhari, President Sirleaf Johnson,
President Mahama with Gambian leader
According to report by The Nation, Mr
Jammeh who had earlier accepted defeat
but suddenly rejected the outcome of the
poll was receptive to advice by West
African leaders.
It’s however not clear if Jammeh will
hand over power to President-elect
Adama Barrow as Gambian soldiers
yesterday took over the offices of the
electoral commission.
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Gambian security forces reportedly
seized control of the Independent
Electoral Commission headquarters,
which holds the original poll records,
according to its chairman.

“The military came to my office and said I
am not to touch anything and told me to
leave,” Alieu Momarr Njai said. “I am
worried for my safety,” he was quoted.
Speaking to reporters after the meeting,
President Muhammadu Buhari said “Yes,
very much so.”
But ECOWAS leadership may consider
removing the leader by force should he
fail to hand over.
Marcel de Souza, president of the
ECOWAS commission, told Radio France
International on Monday that sending
troops was “a conceivable solution”, The
Nation reported.
“That would put the international
community in a strange position and
reduce available options,” another
diplomat was quoted in the report.

Gambia’s president officially has 60 days
to hand over power. Jammeh’s party
intends to challenge the results at the
Supreme Court.

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