Friday, January 6, 2017


Hello great mavrodians, top of the day to you and compliments of the season. the festive period have come and gone and things are beginning to return to normal, even the media that have criticized the MMM community and platform are beginning to have a changed mentality... this i alluded from series of publications from the PUNCH newspaper that have been singing the praises of MMM. in a recent publication they even advised the central bank of nigeria to learn from mmm.... this a link to see for yourselves..
http://punchng.com/can-cbn-learn-mmm hence its a thing of joy for you all to know that MMM is still as strong as ever and the administrators of the platform are intellectuals who know all about financial systems. hence i urge you all to keep a date with MMM, dont wait until the 14th of january to start PH-ing because mavros are still growing...borrowing a thought from the saying that says "early to bed early to rise"...but in this context we say ... Early to PH early to GH. MMM has come to stay and it is our collective efforts that will sustain it... we have come a long way to this point, we have survived panic induced by rumours from the media and here we are still waxing stronger.
i implore us all to share the news of MMM to all and sundry, let people around you know that MMM is real and it is to their benefit. long live MMM and together we change the world.

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