Thursday, January 12, 2017


-A man caught in an alleged love triangle reacted to being 'caught' in the most sobering way
-His wife burned the other woman's clothes, then he punished his wife for that
The common perception among women is that eventually, all men cheat. More so, with house helps, bar maids and colleagues (during imaginary work related trips).

Most men will not think twice about cheating especially if they have already tied another woman down.
In this era of 'side chick', most women have learnt to live with the idea that their man will always have a woman on the side, and as long as he's providing for her and their kids, she can turn a blind eye to the fact. However, not for one woman in Kisumu county, Kenya, whose wrath came to bite her in the behind.

The unnamed Kisumu woman was exposed on social media for revenging against her husband’s alleged 'side chick'. According to the woman’s neighbor of six years, the wife picked the housemaid’s clothes, threw the out and set them on fire after the maid revealed she was pregnant.
“My neighbor has been suspecting that her husband and the maid have been having an affair and so, yesterday, Wednesday, January 11, she burnt all her belongings,” wrote the neighbor.
Apparently, the wife did not anticipate her husband’s reaction to this because when he returned home, the wife pounced on him with accusations.
“Instead of defending himself, he also collected all of his wife’s clothes and burned them too,” added the neighbor.
Kisumu woman torched her husband's alleged Mpango wa Kando's clothes, his reaction is SOBERING 

Some men tend to react violently when confronted with cheating accusations.
What would you do in such a situation?

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