Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How to take advantage ofValentines Day to make money!

February 14 is very close and everybody is
preparing for this wonderful day. Men are
ready to offer the most beautiful flowers to
their sweethearts and the flower race is
about to commence. Flower growers from
Netherlands share with pleasure their
opinion on this year’s flower campaign.
We have talked to Mr. Andersen, a
flowers grower. “The most popular
flowers are: roses and tulips, moreover
around 20 million plants are auctioned.
We are ready to start supplies for the
Valentine’s Day. This year we harvest
10% more roses than normal. We put
our flowers for sale in Flora Holland and
use Auction Presales as well. This option
becomes more and more popular,
especially for those, who trade small sets
of flowers”, - he says.
All floral market participants feel an
extreme pressure on Valentine’s day
and make an extra effort to do their
best. The logistic process is very
intensive from 10th to 14th of
February. Logistics companies employ
more people to improve their logistic
process. According Rene Carlier, a
logistic manager from Den Haag, their
company employs more people for this
period. As the result – they sell three
times more flowers than usually and the
products sold are quickly available.
Trading at floral auctions – is a stable
and secure process. Why? Royal
FloraHolland trades 300 million
Valentine flowers every year, and the
demand never decreases. Moreover, the
main idea of this auction is that it is an
open marketplace with a very attractive
assortment and a stable price-setting
which stimulates the purchasing power.
In order to prevent an unpredictable
supply that may influence the price-
setting there are special measures to be
taken. They help to avoid non-structural
supply that could arrive outside the
regular supply pattern.
Big perspectives of the big market
One of the perspective projects of the
market – is The Green Agenda project
which unites knowledge of institutes
and entrepreneurs who may test their
innovative green concepts. It gives them
the possibility to use their new concepts
to create innovative earning
opportunities. Moreover, under this
project they deal with the problem of
more extreme weather patterns,
increasing urbanization etc. As green
could be a part of the solution of a great
number of contemporary ecology
problems, the role of such programs is
hard to underestimate. They may
translate the knowledge of dozens of
specialists into earning models.
Royal auction will participate in this
project to better understand the users,
the market and new forms of
collaboration. This means that floral
market has great perspectives for
investors today. It is open for
everybody and with help of trained and
experienced specialists you could earn
the money by investing into this
business. The question is – how to find a
good specialist?
One of the biggest players of the market
is Floral Investment Ltd . which
participates in auctions since 2013 and
demonstrates very lucrative results.
With capitalization of more than 300
million euros its turnover is about 7,5
billion per year. The company
recommended itself as a reliable
partner for more than 2,000,000 clients
all around the world and its experts
bring big returns to its investors.
The advantage of the company is that
they trade through online investment
platform. The platform is very easy to
use and you do not need any expertise
or whatsoever to invest with
Floralinvestment.com. You simply
choose from the three tariffs that are
available: Tulip, Rose or Kadupul, and
the highly trained traders at
Floralinvestment.com will put your
money to work for you at the
international flower market.
Building a second income with
Floralinvestment.com is easy. The
investment platform is extremely easy
to use and you will be guided step by
step through the entire process. Once
you have registered, you can make your
first investment and then you can sit
back and watch your money grow.
When the specified tariff period passes,
your profits will be automatically
credited to the payment account you
used to deposit. Floralinvestment.com
provides a unique opportunity to gain
the profits with one of the most stable
and profitable markets in the world. To
find out more about this amazing
investment opportunity, visit
Floralinvestment.com today and begin
your journey to financial security with
one of the most lucrative markets of

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