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Literature in English answers Weac 2017

Literature in English answers
Weac 2017

Ajumobi was a brave and powerful hunter who enjoyed boasting
of his prowess as a successful hunter.
In his lifetime, he was firm and had absolute control of his household.
Ajumobi was a happy and lively man.
Like most men in Kufi, he liked
drinking palmwine in the company of
friends. He was quite ambitious. Prior
to his death, he planned to renovate his house and even take a second
wife. Yaremi loved her husband
greatly and in spite of their many
squabbles in his lifetime, she missed
his affection and companionship.

1. Comment on the attitude of the people of kufi towards superstition ? "Lonely days"


*Superstitions: *The novel explains how superstitious beliefs impact on
behaviour. For instance, wives were accused of killing their husbands
because of
the belief that someone had to be responsible for every death. They also
suspected feathered creatures like birds as they were usually linked to

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